GeoMax FieldGenius

FieldGenius increases efficiency in your daily workflow - it is the choice for organizations that value productivity.

  • Simple new project workflow helps you start working quickly
  • Workflow is map driven not menu driven, it is intuitive and simple to learn and to master.
  • High visibility staking interface and HD graphics present you with the information you need to get the job done easily. The advanced display with live graphics and intuitive interface uses logical icons, customizable toolbars, smart objects and easy to use GPS and total station controls. Support Standard or High-Definition devices!
  • Automatic instrument reconnection and Bluetooth device management helps save wasted time. Your time is valuable; on the job every second counts.
  • NTRIP caster management allows you to save NTRIP settings for multiple casters. Switch casters without having to enter your login information every time
  • Productivity tasks: Customize your data collector by assigning commands to your keypad keys.
  • Calculating tools: Access the built-in RPN calculator from any edit field and easily use surveying calculations.
  • Advanced roading, surfacing, slope staking, smart points, DXF & LandXML import/export, robotic & GPS.

FieldGenius Linework is easier than any other data collection software

  • Code-free linework: Linework is created automatically without entering codes and is instantly displayed, eliminating the need for a separate sketch. No need to connect the dots back at the office.
  • Simple linework tools allow you to edit as you go. Missing lines or segments can be drawn using the pencil tool any time you need to add more info. Made a mistake? A bad line can be removed instantly by tapping it and selecting “Delete Segment”
  • FieldGenius is smart enough to know which line to work on.
  • Switch lines or line direction as you work- you control the workflow
  • Linework can consist of straight segments, arcs and splines and ALL line work is 3D
  • No limit capability - You can have more than one line with the same description and you can connect points that have different descriptions. Multiple lines can connect to the same Point

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